November 23, 2023
Andrea Piazzesi navigates through dust and rocks at the 4th round of the Italian Major Enduro Championship 2023 in Firenzuola.

The rider on the Beta RR 250 2T successfully tackles the challenges of a demanding course, maintaining his position in the championship.

Firenzuola, on Sunday, September 17th, played host to the 4th and penultimate race of the Italian Major Enduro Championship 2023. The Motoclub Firenzuola orchestrated a breathtaking event, featuring a total course of 180 km where riders faced off in two special stages for three exciting laps.

The day was certainly no walk in the park, but the clear sky blessed the event, maintaining optimal weather conditions for enthusiasts and participants. The course, carefully designed by the local Motoclub, offered unique challenges, including a 5-minute cross test and an almost 7-minute enduro test characterized by tough and rocky terrain.

Among the participants, the performance of Andrea Piazzesi stands out, showcasing his skills on a Beta RR 250 2T. Despite the challenge of dust in the cross test and the toughness of the terrain in the enduro test, Piazzesi demonstrated impressive stability in timing throughout the race.

The rider concluded the day with a well-deserved 5th place in the Expert 250 2T class, showing improvement compared to the three previous days of the championship. His ability to handle the challenges of the course and his consistency in performance confirmed him as one of the emerging talents in the enduro world.

Despite fierce competition and the difficulties of the course, Piazzesi maintained his 5th overall position in the Italian Major Enduro Championship 2023. The anticipation for the conclusion of the championship on October 22nd in Berceto is now filled with expectations, and fans can be sure that Andrea Piazzesi will give his all to achieve even more surprising results.

The breathtaking images captured by Daniel Vargas portray the intensity and passion of this unforgettable race in Firenzuola. With the curtain set to fall on the Italian Major Enduro Championship, all eyes are now on the final stage in Berceto, where the destinies of the riders and their hopes for glory will be decided.

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